Calasept Plus, 4 x 1,5 ml

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CalaSept Plus® Calcium Hydroxide: Smooth Consistency, Precision, and Effective Application

Calasept Plus® takes the potent formulation of Calasept® a step further with a feature that sets it apart - its smooth consistency.

CalaSept Plus® is an advanced calcium hydroxide formulation with over 41% concentration, facilitating hydroxyl ions to produce an impressive pH value of 12.4, for a pronounced antimicrobial effect. Its high concentration promises enduring performance, releasing calcium ions even long after placement. The distinguishing feature of CalaSept Plus® lies in its smooth consistency, allowing direct application in the root canal using a small and flexible plastic needle, the Flexi-Tip.

Reasons to Choose CalaSept Plus®

Lasting Efficacy with Optimal Precision: With over 41% concentration of calcium hydroxide and optimal calcium ion release, CalaSept Plus® ensures an efficient and long-lasting antimicrobial effect for superior endodontic outcomes. Its smooth consistency allows for precise and deep application with the Flexi-Tip.

Streamlined Application: CalaSept Plus® is a ready-to-use paste contained in an airtight syringe, facilitating direct and accurate application through the Flexi-Tip. The airtight syringe minimizes the risk of air incorporation into the calcium hydroxide, preventing the transformation of the material into calcium carbonate.

Exceptional Calcium Release: Composed of pure calcium hydroxide, CalaSept Plus® guarantees a long-lasting effect with the paste continuing to release calcium ions after initial placement.

Versatile Usage: CalaSept Plus® can be employed for temporary root fillings, direct pulp capping, and indirect pulp capping in deep cavities, making it a versatile tool in any dental practice.

Experience the efficiency and reliability of CalaSept Plus® for all your endodontic treatments.


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Temporary root-filling, Direct pulp capping and Indirect pulp capping in deep cavaties