Calasept, 2 x 1,5 ml

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CalaSept® Calcium Hydroxide: High Potency, Lasting Efficacy, and Easy Application

CalaSept® is a potent calcium hydroxide formulation with a high content of over 41%, allowing the hydroxyl ions to generate an elevated pH value of 12.4. This ensures a pronounced antimicrobial effect. The high concentration of calcium hydroxide also guarantees long-lasting performance, releasing calcium ions well after placement. CalaSept is a ready-to-use paste in an airtight syringe, applied directly through the needle.

Reasons to Choose CalaSept®

  1. Long-lasting and Exceptional Efficacy: The high concentration of >41% calcium hydroxide, combined with optimal calcium ion release, provides a highly efficient and long-lasting antimicrobial effect for superior endodontic results.
  2. Convenient, Rapid, and Precise Application: CalaSept is a ready-to-use paste contained in an airtight syringe, ensuring direct and accurate application through the needle. The airtight syringe eliminates the risk of incorporating air into the calcium hydroxide, preventing the material from turning into calcium carbonate.
  3. Superior Calcium Release: Composed of pure calcium hydroxide, the high concentration of calcium hydroxide ensures a long-lasting effect, with the paste releasing calcium ions long after initial placement.
  4. One product, three indications: CalaSept can be used for temporary root fillings, direct pulp capping, and indirect pulp capping in deep cavities, making it a versatile addition to any dental practice.

Experience the power of CalaSept® for reliable and efficient endodontic treatment.


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Temporary root-filling, Direct and Indirect pulp capping