TrollFoil Blue Articulating Foil


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TrollFoil Articulating Foil

TrollFoil allows you to analyze tooth contacts without using forceps. TrollFoil gives perfect markings, even on wet surfaces, porcelain, highly polished surfaces and gold crowns.

  • Blue foil
  • Thickness 8 micron
  • Inked on both sides
  • Premounted in a frame

The only articulating foil you will ever need.

TrollFoil gives you perfect markings on highly polished surfaces, even damp. Extremely thin for the highest precision possible.

The foil covers half the dental arch. The fact that it is mounted in a semi-rigid frame means that the foil is always flat and stretched.

Distinctive markings. On all surfaces.

Precise diagnosis, even on wet surfaces, polished surfaces, porcelain and gold.

A light tap from the patient and you get the perfect mark.

Ease of use.

The small box protects the foil and makes it easy to pick out a TrollFoil, without getting ink on your fingers.

Individual pieces stacked nicely into a little container that fit nicely in any cabinet, drawer or countertop.


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