Strata-G Sectional Matrix System Kit ALL IN ONE

Garrison Dental Solutions

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Now faster and more predictable!

  • Reliable, tight contacts. Drawn-wire nickel titanium plus PEEK produces consistent separating pressure longer!
  • Easier, more predictable contours. Marginal ridge enhancements built into the matrix bands AND rings help provide that finishing flair!
  • Faster, less frustrating Class IIs. The Strata-G™ rings, bands and wedges combine for a 270° Seal™ for ultimate flash control. The rings won't spring off the tooth, and the amazing Wide Preparation ring makes tough wide preps no problem. 


Garrison’s new Strata-G™ Sectional Matrix is engineered to successfully complete a wider variety of Class II composite restorations.  

This comprehensive kit includes three varieties of separator rings, five sizes of matrix bands, four sizes of interproximal wedges, and ring placement forceps.  Strata-G™ is indicated for use in posterior Class II MO/DO, MOD and wide preparation restorations.

The new Strata-G™ system draws on Garrison’s more than 25 years of sectional matrix leadership to produce their most comprehensive and easy to use system. The three-ring system consists of short (blue), tall (orange) and wide preparation (green) separator rings.  All three incorporate Garrison’s exclusive StrataBond™ silicone tips for flash reduction and Ultra-Grip™ retention extensions that eliminate ring “spring-off”.  In addition, the ring is more durable and easier to open using its PEEK-reinforced, drawn-wire Nitinol ring construction.  Longevity and performance are maximized by the unique shape-memory of the molecularly aligned Nickel Titanium ring.

Five sizes of ultra-thin, dead-soft non-stick sectional matrix bands have the addition of an enhanced marginal ridge and graduated subgingival extensions to simplify band placement and removal.  These are coupled with four sizes of Garrison’s Strata-G™ Ultra-Adaptive wedges.  These wedges feature soft “fins” that smoothly adapt matrix bands to tooth irregularities, while the inverted “V” shape sits lower and seals deeper interproximally.  Further, Garrison has engineered stainless-steel ring placement forceps that make ring placement easier over the largest of molars regardless of hand size or strength, including an increased tip offset to improve access.  Combined with an additional tip notch to hold rings at a reversed angle for “butterfly” placement on MOD cases, the Garrison forceps are the most advanced forceps in dentistry.

Color-coded and conveniently organized, the Strata-G™ Sectional Matrix System also has a complete selection of refills available. 

3 new Strata-G rings (1x each SG400, SG500, SG600), 
50 Strata-G bands (10x each SG050, SG100, SG175, SG200, SG300), 
50 Firm bands (10x each FXH100, FXH150, FXH175, FXH200, FXH300) , 
100 Strata-G wedges (20x each SGYL, SGBL, SGOR, SGGR), 
10x Varistrip, 
5x Margin Elevation band, 
1 Forceps FXP01


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