"Steriperfect" Sterilization Self-sealing Pouches XS

ECS - Sterilization

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Self-sealing pouches do not require the use of thermosealers because they are equipped with a double-sided non-toxic adhesive strip specific for sterilization processes.

Self-sealing pouches imprints are performed outside the packing area, along the welding line, on the paper back side, to prevent ink from migrating to the product. Transparent blue film grants the prompt identification of the content. The film is reinforced in order to avoid any tear upon pouch opening. High quality “medical grade” paper with 60 or 70 gsm.

Three-line sealing with strong strength and effective spacing grants a perfect adhesivity during sterilization process and an excellent fibre-free and tear-free peeling during opening.

  • Steam and EO process indicators.
  • Formaldehyde process indicator is available upon request.
  • ISO 11140 certified inks are water based and non-toxic.
  • All materials comply with international standards.
  • Opening direction is clearly marked.
  • Validated production process.

Standard boxes of 200 pieces including instructions for use. Boxes are placed inside a cardboard packaging. This kind of packing ensures protection against dust even after opening of the box.

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ECS - Sterilization