Sendoline S3 System Glidepath file 20/04


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Sendoline S3 System: A Versatile Endodontic Solution

Discover the innovative Sendoline S3 System, designed to give you the freedom and flexibility to work with either rotary or reciprocating movements using the same set of instruments. Each S3 instrument is crafted from NiTi alloy, with varying flexibility levels to ensure optimal performance during root canal treatments.

Key Features:

  • Unique design enables both continuous rotation and reciprocating movements
  • Specially crafted instruments made from traditional and heat-treated NiTi alloy for increased flexibility and efficiency
  • Pre-sterilized and blister-packed for convenience and safety
  • Compatible with most endodontic motors, including the Sendoline Endo Motor

Step-by-step with Sendoline S3 System:

Step Instrument Action/Usage Size Length
1 ISO #10 Hand File Establish working length (WL) - -
2 S3 #1 Coronal flaring (first 1/3 of root canal) 30/08 19 mm
3 S3 Glidepath File Create a mechanical glide path 20/04 25 mm, 31 mm
4 S3 #2 Crown down technique (may reach WL) 30/06 25 mm, 31 mm
5 S3 #3 (if needed) Crown down technique in severe root canal curves 30/04 25 mm, 31 mm


Extra Information

Blister 6 pcs
Operating part: Nickel titanium. Handle: Metal alloy. Stopper: Silicone.