QuickSleeper 5 + 3 rotary containers

Dental HiTec

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Immediate, effective, and pain-free anaesthesia.

Dental HiTec produces top-quality and exclusive devices for the application of dental anesthesia: SOAN and QuickSleeper.

SOAN is an electronic injection system that is used for classical anesthesia and intraosseous anesthesia for children, while QuickSleeper applies intraosseous anesthesia for all patients, and is also used for the application of classical anesthesia.


QuickSleeper 5

Patented system for fast, effective and painless anesthesia - the only device in the world that enables the application of all types of local dental anesthesia, including intraosseous.

The anesthetic solution should be applied as close as possible to the apex. Anesthetic failure is often associated with injecting too far from the target site, leading to excessive dilution and ineffectiveness of the anesthetic.


Why choose osteocentral anaesthesia with QuickSleeper ?

  • Immediate, pain-free, and deep anaesthesia
  • Effective even on a mandibular molar with pulpitis
  • No unnecessary numbing of the soft tissues
  • Control of the necessary quantity injected
  • Up to 6 teeth anaesthetised with one injection
  • Work on several quadrants in the same session
  • Allows planning of long appointments

An efficient practice!

Effectiveness relies on a simple 3-step protocol:

  1. Attached gum anaesthesia with pain-free insertion.
  2. Bone perforation.
  3. Injection near the apex for immediate effectiveness.


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