Paper Point 0.6 tapered


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Premium Endodontic Procedures with Spident's Absorbent Paper Points: Exceptional Quality at an Unbeatable Value

Key Features

  • High-Quality Manufacturing: Spident's Paper Points are carefully hand-rolled. This ensures precision and prevents bending. The result is optimal consistency in size, taper, and uniformity. This guarantees great performance in endodontic procedures.

  • Safe and Reliable: Spident's Paper Points are sterilized using gamma radiation, following ISO6877 standards. This makes them a safe and trustworthy choice for patient care.

  • Enhanced Absorption: The high absorbency of Spident's paper points supports efficient drying of the root canal. This leads to more accurate and effective treatment.

  • Balanced Flexibility and Rigidity: Spident paper points are both stiff and flexible. They can be easily inserted into the canal, while also maintaining their shape.

  • Optimal Length: With a length of 28mm, Spident paper points are designed for efficient and easy use.

Packaging Details

  • ISO Type: Spident's ISO type Paper Points are packaged in slide boxes. There are 200 paper points in box. This offers a long-lasting supply and easy organization.

  • 0.4 Tapered Type: These points are packaged in slide boxes of 100 points. They come in different sizes, providing flexibility to meet any case.

  • 0.6 Tapered Type: These points are also packaged in slide boxes of 100 points. They are available in various sizes. This ensures the right tool is always at hand.

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