Endo Aid Guttapercha Points Assorted 15-80


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Unmatched Value with Spident's Endo Aide GuttaPercha Points: Quality Meets Affordability

Exceptional value for your money with Spident's Endo Aide GuttaPercha Points. These top-tier endodontic tools not only deliver outstanding performance but also present a cost-effective solution for any dental practice.

Key Features

  • Premium Quality, Affordable Price: Endo Aide GuttaPercha Points offer the highest quality at a price that respects your budget, making them an unbeatable value proposition.
  • Comprehensive Size Range: The set includes sizes from No.15 to No.80, ensuring you have the right tool for any case.
  • Convenient Packaging: The points are conveniently packed in a 12-compartment box, allowing for easy selection and organization.
  • Precision and Resilience: Each point is uniformly hand-rolled and non-distorting crimped for the ultimate in precision and durability.
  • Excellent Radiopacity: Superior visibility is ensured thanks to the points' excellent radiopacity, allowing for easy tracking during procedures.
  • ISO 6877 Standardization: The points are standardized according to ISO 6877, ensuring top quality and performance.
  • Color-Coded Ends: Quick identification of different sizes is made easy with color-coded ends.
  • Balanced Flexibility and Rigidity: The points are both stiff and flexible, allowing for easy insertion into the canal while maintaining their shape.
  • Optimal Length: With a length of 28mm, these points are designed for efficient and easy use.


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