BE001 Extraction screw

Hager & Meisinger

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Benex® Control Set: A pinnacle of dental extraction technology, designed specifically for the precision and gentleness needed in removing dental roots and root fragments. This set stands out by:

  • Controlled Extraction: Its innovative approach ensures a process that protects surrounding bone and soft tissues, significantly lowering the risks associated with traditional forceps and leverage methods.

  • Preservation of Bone Integrity: Making it the tool of choice in critical situations like immediate implant placements, where maintaining the structural integrity of bone is paramount.

  • Enhanced Safety and Comfort: By minimizing tissue damage, it not only secures the well-being of patients but also boosts the confidence and safety of dental professionals.

  • Efficiency and Success: The Benex® Control Set is celebrated for its effectiveness, ensuring patient comfort and achieving high success rates in dental extractions.


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